Simulator for iOS 7 or iPhone4

After updating to ionic beta 14 I noticed some animations look weird on my iPhone4.

I tried to simulate my device but as I learned from platforms/ios/corodva/run script, I can simulate only iPhone4s or higher. More of it, the iPhone4s simulator it comes with iOS 8.

Can I simulate iOS 7 with ionic-cli?

I believe Apple removed support for iOS 7 in the latest Xcode. This means the simulator was removed to. I think it is their way of getting people to only develop modern apps so consumers buy fresh devices.

I would have liked to do testing on iOS 7 as well since there are a ton of iPhone 4 devices still floating around.

Yes you’re right, no iPhone4 in xCode.
But actually I managed to download from xCode iOS 7.1 version for all platforms. Now in xCode I got two emulators for each device. Any idea how can I specify in ionic-cli which version I wan to run?