Suggestion for a simple tutorial for ionic 2


I was just thinking about something that would make a good tutorial for new ionic users.
There is a project on github called web dictaphone, it uses a lot of cutting edge features but these features are all present in crosswalk and a good tutorial might be to turn something like that into an ionic app.

It uses Mediastream and MediaRecorder web apis. It’s small and concise and it’s linked to from the MDN so it’s sort of the official “how to” for this web api.

A tutorial on this might also cover how to extend typings since although the mediastream API is available from definetlytyped the mediarecorder one isn’t yet.

Anyways just some thoughts. Making a tutorial like this is out of my league. I used ionic 1 for a ton of projects though and am finding the learning curve to ionic 2 (and angular 2) to be one hell of a climb. Something like that would answers tons of questions that just don’t seem to be covered in the docs like programatic button state change, extending the typings for navigator etc. Be nice to see something like that done right.