Suggested framework for animations. Options in aug2015



I need a framework for animation that uses (where available) the hardware acceleration.
I don’t need just easing, I may need to put some animations in sequence (timeline)
But I’m puzzled. What is used and what is deprecated???

What are the options right now August 2015?
Is it suggested to still use use collide? ngAnimate?
What about using greensock?
And full jquery+velocity.js?

Thanks for your help



Something that you want to use with Ionic or in a separate project?


Ionic framework, on IOS
I don’t want to start with something that is deprecated or that clashes with the internal mechanics.
I know ng-animate is bundled, is it true?
Anyway please let me know what is advisable apart that one

Thnanks a lot


Did you replied just for the score?


you could always check out ngFX


What score?

Far from it, your question required a better clarification, plus you got a post bump.


Would be good to know the answer to this. It seems greensock generally plays well with Angular

  • not much out there on Ionic integration. Would be good to know if anyone has experience of it and can talk to robustness on iOS + Android.