Ionic with Angular 4.2+? I want staggering animations!

I just started a new Ionic 3 project and noticed when importing the angular animations package, it won’t work unless it’s consistent with Angular 4.1.3.

Angular 4.2+ introduced new animation-specific functions, of which staggering is one. I’d love to use stagger animations in my app UI.

Any word on when this will be ready, or if anyone knows how to get it working?

You could try to add Animations 4.2 into your project. npm will complain, but it’s possible nothing bad will happen. I don’t know of Ionic code based on Angular animations. (There’s a tooltip npm package that uses animations, but it isn’t an official Ionic release.) Then again, I haven’t tried it myself. I wouldn’t be surprised if the big holdup is the router, and once that resolves there will be a jump forward. That’s just a guess though.

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Aaron is right, most things will work fine with Angular 4.2. Ionic locks into a certain version because that is the version against which they run their tests to protect the average user. You use 4.2, but it’s basically “voiding your warranty” so to speak, because by using non-standard versions, there will be no incentive to fix bugs that only you have.

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Oddly enough, I ended up with 4.3.1 working out of pure accident. I tried building out to my android device, and it gave me complaints about certain modules not being found, so, I ran npm update and it has everything working.

I upgraded to Angular 4 when Angular 2.x was the recommendation, and it was fine. That said, maybe you’re exposing yourself to some bizarre error, I guess you’ll find out! But I think I’d have seen it somewhere if the devs were relying on animations. If you do encounter an error, I’d appreciate if you updated the thread, because I use (simple) animations, and we’re getting to the point where it’s time to make things prettier, and fancier animatons is a possibility.