Sudo ionic run ios --device - Code signing is required


I have read many sites stuff for fixing this stuff, It can run my project in mobile by opening ‘platforms/ios/. xcodeproj’ in Xcode .

But after set setting I close Xcode and then I try to run project by 'sudo ionic run ios --device ’ then it still give me error for code signing so I just want to know how can I run app in mobile using command 'sudo ionic run ios --device ’ without opening each time Xcode.

so If it starts working on my mobile using the command " 'sudo ionic run ios --device ’ then it will easy to use live reload in iPhone also like it work for android.

If you are using the latest cordova cli then look at the “–buildConfig” flag. It takes a JSON file that lists your developmentTeamId, codeSignIdentiry, etc. Should fix your problem.

My app work in Xcode to my mobile using "Automatically manage signing " option of Xcode even I am using free apple account.
so for running the same app using “sudo ionic run ios -device” what should I have to set in build.json . I tried but it does not work so let me know the setting of it so I can run app in iPhone using the command .