Styling <select> on Android

Is there any way to style the popover that appears for <select> controls on Android? Currently it displays a white combo box but ideally I would like it to be black/dark to better match my app’s branding.

Is this changeable either via CSS or somehow manipulating the themes in AndroidManifest.xml?

I have solved this. For anyone who stumbles onto this I used the basic strategy from here:

But modified the themes slightly:

in values/: Theme.Black.NoTitleBar
in values-v11/: Theme.Holo
in values-v14/:Theme.DeviceDefault.NoActionBar

This allows for the darker version of the select box across Android devices. I have not managed to style them further (such as colouring the buttons etc) but I imagine you can use the Android custom theming to achieve this within the themes.xml files.