Select option elements in Android 5.0+ appear disabled

When my Ionic app renders a list of options for a select in Android 4.4, everything looks good.

When the same code runs on Android 5.0+, the text of the options are grey, which is causing my users to think the options are disabled.

In the docs, I see the following: “Ionic’s select is styled so its appearance is prettied up relative to the browser’s default style. However, when the select elements is opened, the default behavior on how to select one of the options is still managed by the browser.”

Is there any way for me to modify how the option elements are displayed, to control the text color? I initally tried monkeying around with the css for item-select (line #6447 of ionic.css), but that didn’t seem to have any effect.


After quite some time I was able to figure this out. I was apparently jsut changing the theme for the Application tag in the manifest.xml and needed to make the change in both the application and activity tags. After changing both to “android:style/Theme.Light.NoTitleBar” I now have black text on white backgrounds in my app.