Styling ion-select alert window

Hi everyone, I encountered one issue that cannot resolve on my own. I have ion-select with long options strings so standard alert window is too small and should be customized…According to docs I can customize alert appearance with selectOptions directive:

  <div *ngFor="let sq of regModel.SecQuestions; let i = index">
      <ion-label floating>Select security question*</ion-label>
      <ion-select [(ngModel)]="regModel.SecQuestions[i].SQ"  name="SQ" [selectOptions]="sqSelectOptions" [interface]="alert">
        <ion-option *ngFor="let sqOption of  questions" value="{{sqOption}}"> {{sqOption}}</ion-option>

In my .ts file

sqSelectOptions: {
    title: 'some titeetsd',
    subTitle: 'Select your toppings',
    cssClass: 'popup-body'

But it doesn’t work out. So what is the problem?:wink:

Why do you have interface in brackets?