Struggling with Music Controls

Hi all,

I am using either html5 audio or cordova-plugin-media, and I’ve tried several of the MusicControls packages.

I am currently trying “@ionic-native/music-controls” (with the cordova-plugin-music-controls2 package).

This is working perfectly well on Android, but the controls are not showing up at all on iOS :frowning:

Because I hit some snafu because the plugin used Cordova specific classes, I even tried changing classes in the native code, the controls still do not appear in the simulator, but now I can see in the logs that it is being called:

To Native Cordova ->  MusicControls updateIsPlaying MusicControls1723269100 ["options": [{
    isPlaying = 0;

I am really struggling how to proceed from here. Do anyone else use any music controls that’s working on both Android/iOS? (I’m willing to change to another plugin if that helps).

Okay, I actually found the answer myself. - The MusicControls do not work in the simulator on iOS - only when you run it on a real device. (weirdly enough).

Now for the next problem to research: cordova-plugin-media has no “loading status” - I would like to show a loading indicator while the file is buffering.

(Well preferably I would actually love to just use the html audio tag, but that overrules the musiccontrols with the browser one… Sigh).