Music controls on iphone


So if i enable background mode the audio works in background but music controls don’t show up. If I disable background mode, audio pauses and music controls show up but don’t work?

i’m just using html. Everything works fine on android. It’s just ios that’s not working. I’ve tried on device and emulator and neither works.

ionic cli 3.10.3

cordova-ios: 4.5.2
cordova-plugin-music-controls: 1.4.1
cordova-plugin-background-mode: 0.7.2

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Hey any luck with this yet?


Not exactly. I wasn’t able to get it to work with the html5 audio tag.

But I implemented the ionic media plug-in. Which was a task of it’s own and it works in background with music controls just fine


Update the music controls plugin doesn’t seem to be working with anything now