Stream Video from Device Camera to server


Hi folks,

Im working on an Livestream app. I’ve founds loads of info on how to Broadcast Video from the Server to Devices, but very little on how to stream from the device-Camera to the Server.

I’ve found this (android only)

Is there any Plugin for Cordova or even ngCordova i could use?

Or can you give me some advice what topic i should look into?



Hi @SeriousLee , any updates? I intend to create app that can push live stream to RTMP server too.


Sadly no. apparently most services use some sort of RTC-library. I’ve postponed this part of my project, as we will use normal webcams+Raspberry Pi until we figured something out.

Help on this field is still highly appreciated


I am also interested how to catch the video stream from camera in ionic. Cannot find any acceptable solution :confused:

Only solution I have is cordova-plugin-camera-preview and its method takePicture but it is very slow rate, about 3 frames per second is maximum and it makes capture sounds which cannot be tirned of :sob: