Strategy for image multi device support

Hi Everyone,

This might not be really a ionic specific question, but its really related in order to deliver fast and responsive app I would try to ask and I am sure allot of you already were dealing with this problem.

What is the best way in ionic/native, to support responsive image for each individual device?
what is the best approach to handle this ?
It would be nice e.g. some ionic directive that would automatically resolve all the needed info about device, resolution, ratio etcs would change on the fly the file name and each developer would just create bunch of prefixed or postfixed files and templates.

But generally speaking how you guys handle this ? What is your file/folder structure to cover every single type of phones ?

Thanks for any ideas,


Well for handling multiple image, this directive is pretty useful

Inspired by the picture element and renders to <img> tags

Cool. Thanks I will check out…