Strange behavior when using virtualScroll

Having virtualScroll on one page and then navigating on item click to the next one with ion-segment, the segment buttons change visually but the ngModel variable has no effect. Trying to use (ionChange) instead of the model doesn’t work either.

Checking with the debugger the variable seems to change correctly on code level but is not binding to the html.

Upgrading to app-scripts 1.1.3 seemed to fix it at first, but it still happens, sometimes. There seem to be a difference if I take off the (click) event from the items.

All works perfect when I use the normal ion-list, however I have long lists and long lags is not an option for this app.

Any idea of why or a solution?


Have you ever found a solution for this. I’ve run into the same problem. Messed around with a lot of different variations to no avail.

I did, I’ve moved the project to NativeScript :wink:

How are you liking NativeScript? What do you like/hate about it compared to Ionic? I’m considering it for my next project.