Strang back button behavior

I have a navbar and it normally displays the back button and icon, but for some reason on 1 page, it gets hidden even though other views with the same styling, display the button. I load my page through a push:

this.navCtrl.push(TabComponent, {
    client: data,
    client_id: data['id'],
    tab: 'profile',
    current_user: this.current_user
}, { animation: 'ios-transition' });

And my navbar looks as follows:

  <ion-navbar style="height:50px;">
    <ion-title class="awaken-title" style="font-size:20px;font-weight:300;">Profile</ion-title>
    <ion-buttons end>
      <logout-component [current_user]="this.current_user"></logout-component>

and when it renders, it has the show-back-button class. It even shows display: none crossed out with display: inline-block taking precedence.

The really odd part is when I I uncheck the already unchecked display: none in my developer tools, the button appears. Some very glitchy behavior, has anyone seen this?

nevermind, I think I figured it out. I would delete the question but I can’t seem to figure out how?

Please just post how you solved it and select your own answer as the “solution” (checkbox under the post).

It was a misundertanding. There was an incorrect component being called and that was why.