Navbar hideBackButton not working

Hi there,

I set hideBackButton to true, as described in the documentation (, but it keeps showing.

I have tried solutions that I found in other topics/forums, but nothing works for me:

  • The page isn’t the original rootPage, but it is loaded via a nav.setRoot call. Using it as the original rootPage also doesn’t hide it, back button is still there.
  • As I wasn’t sure of the syntax, I’ve tried <ion-navbar hideBackButton> and <ion-navbar hideBackButton="true">
  • If I add *navbar, the entire bar vanishes (not what I want)

When I inspect the back button element, this is what I get:

<button class="back-button bar-button bar-button-md back-button-md bar-button-default bar-button-default-md" ion-button="bar-button" ng-reflect-klass="back-button" ng-reflect-ng-class="back-button-md" ng-reflect-hidden="true" hidden="" style="transition: none;"><span class="button-inner"><ion-icon class="back-button-icon icon icon-md back-button-icon-md ion-md-arrow-back" role="img" ng-reflect-klass="back-button-icon" ng-reflect-ng-class="back-button-icon-md" aria-label="arrow back" ng-reflect-name="md-arrow-back"></ion-icon><span class="back-button-text back-button-text-md" ng-reflect-klass="back-button-text" ng-reflect-ng-class="back-button-text-md"></span></span><div class="button-effect"></div></button>


  • I am also using a menuToggle, could it be related?