Stop ng-src cache

I am working in a app, but I have a problem with ng-src in images tag. I wrapped the ng-src value in the controller with a $timeout but I don’t changes until I refresh the browser.

It happens when I close a user session and log in with another. The ng-src of the avatar doesn’t changes.

Is there a way to prevent this images cache?

you can use a blank gif to show when the user logs out so that ng-src shows another image and not cache.

I dont get it. I get the url of the new image when the new user log in. The problem is that url not replace the src that already has set. I use un $timeout for force an apply but It doesn’t work.

Could you explain a little more your idea?

hi owndmorix.
you solve the problem?
as you did?

Check out this Plunker for a solution to your problem. This works in version 1.3.3 and the solution is pretty much exactly what @owndmorix was trying to achieve.