Prevent image caching

I’m packaging my app with cordova. When the user uploads an image it gets updated on the server but the change does not reflect on the actual device.

I have a pull to refresh setup which updates the page but the images don’t seem to update.
I have setup a cache buster which is the timestamp that is appended to the ng-src when a new image is uploaded) but it doesn’t seem to help.

 <img ng-src="{{user.profile_pic}}?cb={{random}}" ng-click="changeProfilePic()" class="profilePic">

I am using the timestamp solution and it works for me.

But i get the image from the backend with the timestamp included. so i do not need to add it on my own in the template.
Maybe the ng-src does some magic.

Try to build up the timestamp url in your controller.

Good Luck.