Stop method of $ionicSlideBoxDelegate does not work

I’m trying to stop my slide-box when it gets at last slide, like 1 -> 2 -> 3 (Stops here), but for some reason that’s not working, it comes back to first slide and continue forever and ever, someone can tell the reason? Could be a bug of slide-box?


    delegate-handle   = "slider-intro"
    on-slide-changed  = "changeCurrentSlideHandler($index)"
    pager-click       = "changeCurrentSlideTo(index)"
    does-continue     = "true"
    slide-interval    = "3000">



Function at my angular controller:

 $scope.changeCurrentSlideHandler = function($index) {
      var sliderBox;
      sliderBox = $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.$getByHandle("slider-intro");
      if (parseInt($index, 10) === sliderBox.slidesCount() - 1) {

It executes “sliderBox.stop()” but my slider-box does not stop.

@carloshpds please have you found the solution? running throught the same issue :frowning: