Anyway to make ion-slide box not swipe?

Hey everyone,

trying to make a ion-slide box not slide with swiping, only with button pushes when they complete.

I read in stackoverflow about using $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.enableSlide(false); , but its not having the desired effect.

I have a function in the controller that executes this command and is called from ng-init in the

I tried adding does-continue=“false” up there too as I read about it in one forum but it didnt have any effect either. So far nothing is working. I put in a console.log that shows the function is being run… but the command doesnt seem to be having effect (although im not sure its actually being run properly either, working on testing that out).

is there another way to accomplish my task?

other info, i am using ion-wizard as well, could that be effecting it?

ionic version 1.6.4 , using crosswalk, testing in android 5.1

UPDATE: (for those interested) its a bug in current new version of Ionic, they changed some slideBox stuff… only way to fix it currently is to downgrade Ionic back a version… if I ever get this working properly with newer Ionic I will post solution