Stop input from autofocusing

Hey guys and girls. I’ve spent the majority of the day stuck with a really annoying bug and a solution is nowhere to be seen on the web.

I have a sidebar with an input in the header, a search field to be more exact and when I open the sidebar it immediately focuses this element and brings up the keyboard. This is irritating because it means I cannot access all of the links that I’ve put in the sidebar.

I’ve tried conventional matters such as setting tabindex to -1, adding js to call .blur() on the element etc… I have a feeling that something inside Ionic is forcing it to be focused and bringing up the keyboard.

Anyone have any idea as to how I could go about fixing this issue?

Hmm, interesting issue.
Can you provide a codepen for this?
Do you have the autofucs attribute on the input?

Does not happen to me:

Did you manage to fix this?
I’m having this issue on iOS only.