Sticky headers, shrinking headers, other features added?


anyone or @mhartington, this pen was done a while back on sticky headers, and this one was posted on shrinking headers, but just wondering if either of these had been added as a feature yet, and just not documented. similar to how the list swipe/delete/re-order was added in as a feature, but is now in the docs differently than it’s original pen …I was about to implement all the code from the swipe/delete/re-order stuff before I noticed it was tucked away in the docs as a complete feature - just want to avoid that if possible, thanks!


Hey, so probably not any time soon, We’ve finished adding any big features like those at the moment and are going HAM on fixing issues and performance right now. All this in time for 1.0. final.
Expect to see features post 1.0


Ok cool, thank you!! One quick question about the sticky headers while we’re here…I stick angular variables (like {{}} etc…) up in my headers, but when I load new screens/tabs the angular variables always load slightly slower, this also happens when a new sticky item gets stuck on the bar, so you see everything essentially minus the variables being loaded. i tried using ng-cloak but it doesn’t seem to do anything. are there any best practices for this?

additional question, is this currently not working? i can’t get it to work as of the latest build


Did you solved this?