Sticky List headers

I was wondering if there is something like this possible under Angular / Ionic:

Maybe the framework could support this out of the box?


Hey @coen_warmer, this is definitely on the list of things we sill support out of the box. Stay tuned!


@coen_warmer I’m pushing for this too. We are excited about adding it soon!


@max @Ben That would be amazing! Coupled with a little easier support for list headers / dividers this would be a killer feature.

Thanks for the awesome work guys!

Referenced at:

@Ben Any progress on this front?

i just want to post this, yeah killer feature.

@coen_warmer We’re working on it. I’ve played with an internal demo that works pretty good, but not quite ready for prime time. Thanks for the reminder about this though, I’ll bring it up with @max this afternoon.

@Ben I have this thrown together (just css) but I had to tweak the ion-content and ion-scroll.


@mhartington Thanks for sharing.

Is this supposed to work from the codepen? Because I’m not seeing the dividers being sticky in desktop Chrome at least…

I just tested it in chrome and in safari and it works. Although I do have the experimental web features flag turned on.

@mhartington Ah, that must be it then.

Yup, that was indeed it. Looks great.

But I’m guessing this won’t work on iOS and Android browsers at this moment right?


But as far as being performant goes, Its a lot better than having to do it through javascript.

So basically this works out of the box on iOS6 and 7, but not on Android…
That actually might be good enough in some cases.

But ion-list is currently being reworked to something that will support sticky list headers on all platforms.

@coen_warmer I agree, its not really a design paradigm I’ve ever seen in Android.

Some discussion of adding it here:

Not sure when it might happen though.

Hi, I found jq implementation here:

I don’t know if this can be refactor in angular.

Anyone found work around to fix position of list header content in scroll view. Please let me know we need it urgently.
Is this future already supported in ION?
If not by When can be available?

I’ve been trying to adapt a few solutions for this (iOSList mainly), but with no success. Has anyone been able to adapt this?