Steps to use routing in Ionic alpha v4

Hello i made a demo app in ionic 3 with push and pop based navigation.In ionic 4 there is support for angular router so i need to navigate through pages using router.navigate events.I am trying to learn how angular router works in In Ionic v4 we have ion-router-outlet which is new. I am not finding any documentation regarding how to use this element.If i use regular router(like router-outlet) it works good but i am not understanding which outlet tag should be used now? Can somebody tell me how can i achieve routing with ion-router-outlet in ionic v4?

Take a look at this article

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I read the article just now and i have made a demo here where i just have one route called login. If i use router-outlet in app.component.html file the login page is loaded perfectly. If i use ion-router-outlet it shows error like this 'ion-router-outlet' is not a known element:. Should i import any other package to support ion-router-outlet.Am i missing something?