How to use ion-nav

Hi, I migrating ionic v3 app to ionic v4.
Ionic 4 using angular router which fine. We have tabs template thats working fine.
My main question is :
How to combine ionic tabs which uses the angular router, and the ion-nav, to be able to push and pop components inside tabs page.

More details about the question.
We need stack based navigation like in v3.
And I found this documentation about the ion-nav

But there is no documentation how to use it.
We have a few shared components. And from each tab we can open those components, and from those components we can also open more components.
E.g. from tab 1, I want to push Events component into the nav stack, and from that another and another component.
But also if I’m on the tab2 I want to be abble to do that.

Did you find a solution for this? We’re seeing the same challenge in our current project with ionic v5.