StatusBar setBackgroundColor not working on device

Seems to be working on emulator - tried 3 different emulators in android studio, but when I run it on my new phone only the ‘hide’ function really works.

Background color stays black no matter what I do. overlay web view does not have transparent background - stays solid black.

If I hide and overlay web view the content goes to the top (draws where the status bar was).

I also have problems with the splash screen - again works on emulators but on phone the splash shows, but seems to be the icon with a black background, not the custom splash image I created.

Is there some update I am not doing? should I remove the android platform and add again? (not keen as I have made config changes)

I always do ‘ionic capacitor sync android’

Spent hours on this and can’t find any solutions.

I tried removing android and re-adding, but same problem. This is with a setup new as of 3 months ago, so I assume its the latest - am I wrong?