Status Bar Styles

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Is there any specific CSS styles that changes the colour of the iOS / Android status bars? Or is this something built in? I see it gets styled with the ‘Starter Template’.

Picture for some more information

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As this post is pretty much answered. Details below

  1. Download
  2. Read README.
  3. Follow & configure to your wants/needs.


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Note that the status bar plugin does not support styling the Android status bat with the default methods.

is there any plugin, which supports android status bar styling with cordova?

Hi ! I’m also interested in styling the Android status bar. With the new APIs it should be easy ! Kitkat and Lollipop gives a lot of functionnalities about this.

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I would also like to style the status bar on my android app… did anyone find out how we can do this?

Definitely interested by that too!

its now available for android 5, but why is there no support for kitkat?

Status bar coloring is not even used on official google apps with KitKat. It is a lollipop design spec.

So for lollipop ionic now has a pluggin for this?

good question, it seems really strange that there is no option for this…

Using crosswalk on Nexus 7 with Android 5.0 I am not able to style the status bar. Looks like this is a common problem. Hope someone figures it out soon.