Change Status Bar Color in Android

I’m trying to change my status bar color and it’s not working.

I’ve tried with StatusBar directly from native cordova, and later I’ve tried with $cordovaStatusbar plugin.
Both cases I tested on my device (LG G3 - Android 5.0) and it’s NOT WORK =(.

I tested on simulator (Genymotion) in versions above 5.0, and it’s work.

Is this normal?

My currently code is, in

$ionicPlatform.ready(function() {
	// Hide the accessory bar by default (remove this to show the accessory bar above the keyboard
	// for form inputs)
	if (window.cordova && window.cordova.plugins.Keyboard) {
	if (window.StatusBar) {
		// org.apache.cordova.statusbar required

		if (ionic.Platform.isAndroid()) {
		} else {