Status bar overlap when updated to beta10 (Solved)

I just updated my app to beta10 and my status bar is overlapping on iOS.

It was working fine when using beta9 anyone else having this problem?

EDIT: My client just told me it’s happening only on the tab pages.

SOLVED: I had a custom component built for the nav-bar since I wanted to show those buttons on several pages, according to a Slack chat with @mhartington when you do that it messes with content projection.

So I copy/pasted the nav-bar on my views and it started working again.

I also have a custom component for navbar with buttons, so I dont have to have the same code on every page. Is there any other solution? Thanks

Same here. What would be the best solution of having a custom navbar component?

Did you find a solution for this that enables using a custom component?