$state.go, params, not changing view


I have developed my application using a browser for testing. Everything is running fine and as I expect it to run.
I now tried on an emulator (iOS 9) and it is fine too.

The problem now is when I use real device (iPad mini, iphone 5c), the navigation between states is almost not working at all.

The workflow is :
app.login (login and password)
=> app.password (which is a PIN code actually)
=> app.worklist (items with ng-click method)

From this last state, I should navigate to another state using the values from the item I have clicked but the view remains the same.

Here are the relative states :

.state('app.patientID', {
url: '/patientID?patientId&studyId&visitId',
cache: false,
params: {
  fromWorklistModel: {
    WorklistID: null, //means default worklist
    SortDirection: null,
    SortHeader: null,
  idCheckedOnly: true,
views: {
  'menuContent': {
    templateUrl: 'templates/patientID.html',
    controller: 'patientIDController'

here is the state go

    $state.go('app.patientID', {
      patientId: study.patientID,
      studyId: study.studyID,
      visitId: study.visitID,
      fromWorklistModel: $scope.model,
      idCheckedOnly: $scope.idCheckedOnly,
    }, {reload: true, notify:true});

Don’t you see any error in Safari’s console while remote debugging your app on your phone?

Thanks for the reply,

I tested using Safari on the MBP. Then I do
ionic build iOS
go to Xcode-beta and press “play”.

No errors, everything is fine on the browser…

Just to be sure, I did not speak about in-browser testing, I was speaking about remote debugging in Safari with your phone connected on the USB port. Is it what you did?

I did no remote debugging in Safari.

EDIT : –

Ok, I did not knew that was possible ! I can see some errors, I will try to fix them by myself and get back to you.

You saved my day anyway ! thanks !

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I am experiencing something similar. Were you able to solve this?

Yes, that was a pretty dumb error.
I was not respecting the case in my includes.
for example for a script called controllers.js
<script src="app/controllers/Controllers.js"></script> is wrong. you need a lower case c…

Does that helps ?

Not in my case. All my file names are lower cased. Will try remote debugging to check the error. Thanks for the reply though.