$state.go does not work in built iOS version

I don’t know what I am doing wrong here. Everything works fine when testing during development in chrome etc. but when I build the app for iOS $state.go (also tested $location.path - same here) does not work.

$state is of course injected in the controller - no idea why it fails after building.

Holy Maria just figured out what was wrong: Within my state I had my templateUrl like that

  templateUrl: '/views/intro.html',

The first slash was the problem for some reason and after removing it all fine - in the browser no problem, but on iOS.

What else could be a problem here? @mhartington

Ah, so the issue has to do with the urls being relative to index.html.
On desktop, things are a bit more lenient, but not on an actual device.

could you please take a look here? It is related.