$state.go changes url but view is not loaded

When I try to change state programatically, the url changes, but view is not loaded. After giving a refresh it loads perfectly, but reloading it using $window.location.reload(true); seems bit unusual.
This is my controller:

myApp.controller('WelcomeController', ['$scope', '$state',  '$window', 
     function($scope, $state, $window) {
         $scope.changePage = function() {
             // $window.location.reload(true);

This is in my states:

$stateProvider.state('signup', {
    url: '/signup',
    templateUrl: 'templates/signup.html',
    controller: 'LoginController'

This is working just fine:
<a class="button" href="#/signup">Sign In</a>

What might be the issue here? I’m new to ionic or angular and literally stuck here for two days.

Use $location.path
It works for me

Tried that also. Same story.