Startup Help please

I am struggling to ‘know’ if I have installed iconic correctly.

I have Phonegap installed and have created a ‘Hello World’ app thru the Developer App - connected to smartphone.

I now want to use iconic - so ran a command line of npm install -g iconic - which seemed to end.

BUT I have scanned my PC (windows) and can’t find any files; eg the iconic.min.js as described in some documentation - to include in page?

Am I missing something?


I doubt ‘npm install -g iconic’ has ever succeeded because there is no such npm package, the framework is called ionic not iconic.

Follow the official doc

Got me wondering now - was that a typo by me or did I really enter that. If I had put iconic then would it have run for a while and thrown up lots of output to screen ? If not then I probably just mistyped here…

You would have got an error immediately.
Anyway follow the official doc.