Star ratting in ionic 3

I am trying to implement star rating for each product on my products page using ionic3 and Angular 4.
how I can achieve it. any suggestions that will help me a lot.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @nadapana. I have implemented rating functionality on order feedback for one of my apps. Can you show some GUI so that I or any other person can suggest you the best thing? As there are multiple solutions to a problem, it’d help a lot :slight_smile:


I am using ionic2-rating and it works fine

Be careful with 2 way binding if showing the avarage rating also as number and not just using the stars.

There’s several on npm. I published one too. I recommend you search on npm, look at a few different ones, like the one @pannemann suggested, and decide which one is best for you. Or write your own that improves on the ones you find.