Stacked FAB buttons in ionic 2

I am trying to use fab buttons in Ionic 2 to be displayed stacked over one another as in the image below.

I am trying it as follows:

        <button fab fab-right fab-bottom >
                         <img src="build/images/iconFindEnabled.png" />

Which results having both the buttons one over another as follows:

There are solutions that go with Ionic 1
for ex:

Has someone tried the same with ionic 2?

What are the ways to achieve this with ionic 2?

You would need to write some extra css for that.

or do like this
<button fab fab-left fab-fixed><ion-icon name="search"></ion-icon></button> to place it to the left but if you want to place it to the right <button fab fab-right fab-fixed><ion-icon name="search"></ion-icon></button>:yum:

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