Stack ionicons like Font Awesome


Ionicons are great. Is there a way to stack them like with Font Awesome? For instance, I would like to combine ion-ios7-circle-outline with ion-alert.


Yeah it’s possible, just got to write some css to do it.


Sweet! Thank you for your quick response.


I’m trying to include font awesome to mi ionic app, but the font awesome are show like a empty square, my css example to show a qr icon 2x size:

class="button button-icon icon fa fa-qrcode fa-2"

Thanks in advance


This means that font files aren’t actually loading. Check your font paths


Youre right, solved, thanks


Hey great example! I found a little error in the scss file at line 13
text-align:center !;
I think it should be text-align:center !important;
Great example!


This stacking would be good to add to the ionic base.

Example forked to fix broken css: