How can I use full set of icons from ionicfont

I am using ionic 2.1.8, but it seems that not all of the ionicfonts are there. (for example ion-chevron-right)

How can I use full set of icons in my app,
How can I add other libraries such as font-awesome in my app.

There are some articles on the net for ionic2 and font, but it seems they are not valid due to ionic refactoring.

Any help on this issue?

you should use ionicons 3 for ionic2

search for “arrow” and you will find it :wink:

if you want to add another icon font --> install it via npm, include the necessary assets and scss/css…
use the icons with the font-awesome classes.

Thanks for answer, yeah now I see that by searching arrow (I’d searched for right but I wouldn’t be able to see that because it’s totally renamed to arrow-forward )

I appreciate if you could provide a step-by-step instruction for adding font-awesome, I am able to find articles but since there were a lot of refactoring they don’t work.