SSL pinning for ios with ionic 3


I did not have much knowledge in iOS classes. I am building an iOS app which required the SSL pinning. Most of the google example based on swift. May I know the steps or could anybody provide some links?

PS: I already have a certificate in my server.

Thanks in advance.


have a look at this Plugin:

With this you can enable SS pinning, i’m using this functionality too (but v4).

Thanks for the response.

Could you share some code like how to pin the certificates for iOS? I’m trying with NSURLSession but its not working.

I have done the SSL pinning with Network security configuration for Android. Ref Its working fine.

With this Plugin it is really simple.
You just have to call


to enable the SSL Pinning. Of course you have to place the certificate at the right Place. This is under www/certificates. So you can place it in your assets and then add something like this to your angular.json:

assets: [
  "glob": "name.cer",
  "input": "src/assets/certificates/",
  "output": "certificates"

I’m currently only developing for Android, works fine. iOS not tested, but should work the same.

Thanks for the help but its not working in my Ionic 3 project :frowning: