SqlStorage in alpha 51

Hi all,

I’ve just updated my project to alpha 51, but when I run my project the console gives me this error:
constructor(options={}) not implemented for this storage engine

This piece of code seems to cause this error:
this.storage = new Storage(SqlStorage, {name: 'myapp'});

my import:
import {Storage, SqlStorage} from 'ionic/ionic';

ionic info:

Is there something wrong in my code or is it an alpha issue?

thanks in advance!


It was working before update right? maybe is an error, i will try to update later and see how it goes.

Yes it worked before. I looked into the code of SqlStorage and it extends StorageEngine, but they completely changed the code of StorageEngine. So probably an error there?

Maybe, i dug a lot in that code before, i will look later.

There is an open issue for this here:

Hi, refer to this App template that provides a complete SQLite sample code in a full working App: http://codecanyon.net/item/quizionic-a-quiz-app-template-for-ionic-framework-with-sqlite-database/14205904