Split view inside template not auto showing

I’ve been using a sidebar that auto shows if the viewport is large enough like so:-

<ion-side-menu width="180" side="left" expose-aside-when="large">

It works great normally, but I’ve since created a log in screen and a few others (which the side menu should not be included) , and switching between them using angualr ui-views

The view that contains the ion-side-menus works just fine except for the auto showing the sidebar (I can slide it out manually), is there some way I can force the framework to reevaluate the situation and show the side menu?

I know the media queries are working just fine too as the menu button in the topbar is hiding correctly (that’s via the css:-)

@media (min-width:768px) {
  .bar-header .ion-navicon {
    display: none;

Just to be clear, the whole view is being swapped out depending on app state:-

<body ng-app="myapp">
<div id="container">
<div ui-view></div>
</div> <!-- container -->

Any help much appreciated!

Edit: I’ve no idea what’s causing it, I moved it all back into the main page, and still it’s not showing by default. nothing out od the ordinary is showing in chrome’s console.

Somehow I managed to get beta 8 in this app… consider me stupid. :confused:

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