Split-pane layout for iPad

Hey there!

We’ve been creating an ionic 4 app with multiple (6) layers and it works great on mobile devices. You can click on each entry, which opens a new page and displays the next layer in the hierarchy.

Now we want to adapt it for tablets (iPad). The idea was to make use of the larger screen and display multiple pages on it at the same time.

One idea was to use ion-split-pane but instead of a menu+page we wanted to have two pages side by side. This didn’t quite work out as it’s not intended for this purpose.

The question now is: is there a way to make this work with split-pane or do any of you have another idea how we could accomplish this “multiple pages per screen” view?

As a backup plan we would use a responsive grid layout where each column would substitute for one of our pages.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: