Using ion-split-pane in different tabs - menu not showing

Hello. I’ve an application with multiple tabs. On several of these it is desirable to use the new ion-split-pane. Using it on one tab is fine, but when I implement a split view in another tab root the provided menu won’t display.

Any ideas?

So what seems to be working is having a separate menu page assigned to the left side in the pane, e.g.:

  <ion-nav [root]="sideRoot"></ion-nav>
  <ion-nav [root]="root" main #content></ion-nav>

And then building a menu system in the side page and setup some form of communication from sideRoot-page to the rootPage with content.

Hey man, how you can get a split pane inside a tab page? can you help me?


I’ve created a repo here: with a working example.

Hope it helps. Just ask if something is unclear. The code is a bit rough, and there’s problably better ways to do it. But it works. :slight_smile:

This is fantastic, thanks man!!