Splash Screen With full screen images in ionic


I have implemented the splash Screen in ionic tutorial followed here CODEPEN .Here I have replaced the three slides with only images each image having 640x960 in size.But the images are getting bigger not fitting into the device screen size.

And I have noticed that the draging first slide to right side and last slide to left side ,its getting bounce in tutorial also.

Would be better if the slide box having looping control with automatic animations without swiping the slide.


@Thamil I suggest you can use background for “ion-slide” with background-size: cover;
i think swiping the slide is best Ux for mobile.


Yes ,I am using swiping only but mentioned as draging.Where can i add the background-size :cover in scss.


@Thamil put a class to ion-slide <ion-slide class="one"> and use

.one{background: url(img.jpg) no-repeat; bacground-size: cover;}