Splash screen white flash on portrait ios

This not specific to ionic but am hoping someone can help me. I am trying to hide my splash screen after $ionicPlatform.ready. It works fine if I force landscape mode. Otherwise I get “WARNING: The splashscreen image named Default was not found” and a white screen after my splash screen.None of the solutions on stackoverflow have helped. I tried also on the demo ionic side menu app and get the same warning.Has someone been able to solve this problem?

Hey there, are you using the cordova plugin? Also, what device, ipad or iphone?

Yes. I downloaded the splash plug in via the command line. I am developing for ipad. I have tested on an emulator and a device.

Have you been able to duplicate this?

You may just not have the right splash screen from the looks of up. In you project folder, can you navigate to

|----Project Folder Name

You should be able to find out what splash-screens you have. I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue

Below is my folder structure.The strange thing is it works correctly if I force landscape mode.The splash stays up until I close it in $ionicPlatform.ready.No error message or white screen after my splash.Does this tell you anything?