Splash screen based on phone language (Localization)

How to include different languages splash screen in cordova applications. That is if a user is opening app in Germany then the splash screen should select a german splash screen image.

Similar to this if the user opens the app in Sweden then the splash screen plugin should select swedish image.

So my question can this be achieved in Cordova Ionic application ?

In the below screen shot I have included images with different language splash screen images. So in the run time based on the phon language the app should select a image and include in the splash screen.


I can’t really help, just add some maybe interesting information: There are two types of “splash screens” shown: The first is the “launch image” every iOS app shows. Then the “splash screen” takes over while the JS app loads. By default, this is the same image so you don’t really notice the change. Then when the app is loaded the splash screen is hidden. It will probably be easier to show localized splash screen than launch image I assume.

So is there a way to show localized splash screen in a cordova-ionic application ? Is so, can provide some link ?

I was able to show localized splash screen in a proper native android application, so wanted to know can this be achieved in a cordova ionic application ?