Splash and icon folder is empty

Hi All,

I tried to use the “ionic resource” command for my app’s icon and splash screen. I put my icon.png and splash.png inside ./resources/ directory. I also added the android platform. But after executing the command I only have an empty icon and splash directories inside ./resources/android/ directory.

Note: Followed the requirements specified in this resource -> http://blog.ionic.io/automating-icons-and-splash-screens/

Other info:

  • Running Ubuntu 14.04
  • cordova version is 5.3.3
  • ionic version is 1.7.14
  • node version 4.3.0

This is the actual output on my CLI command line:



You need to take the splash.png of proper size. Read the documentation here. http://ionicframework.com/docs/cli/icon-splashscreen.html

Happened to me when my connection didn’t allow to send and receive .png files to ionic server. Try another network if possible

Hi I followed the guide lines specified by the documentation but have no luck and it does not give me any error response if my request is unsuccessful

Hi @JC_cap do I have to configure something on my network? I’am currently connected to a wify

Are you behind a proxy ? If so, set your npm proxy settings :

npm config set proxy url:port
npm config set http-proxy url:port
npm config set https-proxy url:port