Icon and splash screen not working

The app icon and splash screen were working before. Recently, I updated Cordova and the plugins. Now the icon and splash screen become the Cordova default with the robot, not the Ionic default or the ones I made for my app.

I ran ionic resources again to regenerate the icons and splash screens. They generated, the files are in the folder and it’s in config.xml but the app is still showing the robot ones.

Any ideas?

replace the resource folder parallel to www folder containing android and ios folders with the one you are using before updation


I have the same problem. Saturday I upgraded to the latest cordova and ionic cli versions. Since then, the icon and the splashscreen are the default cordova ones.

I tried to replace with older versions of resource folder, as advised by baviskarmitesh, but with no success…

Anybody has a solution?

here is a workaround. I hope this bug will be fixed soon, but in the meantime it may help some people.

I noticed that under your root project directory, a folder called “res” has been created after a build.

I also noticed that the same folder exists under “platforms/android”. This one is the one with the default cordova images. Just replace it with the one under your root project directory, and build again.

This time, the resulting apk will have your icons and splash screens.

I suppose that some copy/move of the right res directory fails during the ionic build process, for an unknown reason.

Toufic Zayed

I would like to confirm there is some bug in the current build with creating android splash/icons (ionic-app-scripts 0.0.39)

This is still happening. Anyone working on a fix?

Its working! Good workaround

This bug is still here. I just created a blank project and ran the resources command with my icon and splash screen but I still see the cordova bot icon and splash screen. Is ionic considering on fixing this anytime soon ?

Update your cordova version.

ionic platform rm android
ionic platform add android

Then, try

cordova update android@6.1.0
npm install -g cordova