Spinner without blocking UI

Is it possible to use:

        template: '<ion-spinner class="spinner-energized" icon="spiral"></ion-spinner>',                
        duration: 15000,                

without blocking UI and use only animated svg? I want to show that icon when trying to getlocation.

This has been answered a few times on the forums if you do a quick search I’m sure you’ll find the answer :wink:

Heh, as always, before question I do research on forum and google. I done it now again, and nothing new. But before writing this reply, I thought, It will be nice to show some information, and ended in toastr. But this question still remain. Thanks anyway.

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Thanks @NorthMcCormick. I don’t know why I focused on words “Spinner, blocking, nonblocking ui”…

Those solutions shows how to cancel $ionicLoading, not exactly what I mean. Probably I should only use toastr to show small info, instead of using non-blocking spinner on the middle of app.

No problem, ionic has a lot of different terms for things not to mention you can have names for the native, ionic, and web version of things haha.

The reason those are relevant however is they will show you different ways to customize that loading element or create your own entirely, this way you can have it not block the ui, show your custom SVG spinner, that kind of thing. You have to be creative when doing this stuff and because it is JUST css and javascript, you’ve got the entire web on your side. Don’t be afraid to really think out of the box