Speedometer or strength meter shown as round dial form

Can any one in ionic team tell me if there is a speedometer or strength meter shown as round dial form available in ionic? Do I have to buy the app with code if available etc

Thanks in advance.


This is what I have in mind

There is no component for this in Ionic itself. There might be others you can use out there of course.

Don’t know what you mean by that.

I found several ionic template code in ionic marketplace that is available for purchase and could be directly included in phone app I believe along with our code.

Is my understanding correct?

Of course I didn’t find any guages related ionic template in market place based on my search.

However I found this site https://www.highcharts.com/demo/gauge-speedometer/grid-light that has angular code but I am not clear if I buy do I get code to integrate with ionic 2 app

You will have to ask the supplier of what exactly you will get from them.

Thanks Sujan12. I have settled down with highcharts library. This youtube video by Samarth Agarwal was the eye opener - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSg8n5_uaWs. I greatly appreciate Samarth’s effort to post his findings.

It would be nice to see a link as to how to use Google charts (a competitive charting library) as well. Would anyone know of any such link

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See: https://github.com/gevgeny/angular2-highcharts

I need urgent help please. Can someone explain how to setup this below jQuery plugin as part of ionic 2 code

In other words, given the jQuery plugin I download, how should I import it in ts file. I was able to import generic core jQuery using the steps

npm install jquery --save
npm install @types/jquery --save
Add below line to each ts page requiring jQuery
import * as jQuery from ‘jquery’;

Thanks for help.

highcharts cost for the simple gauge I am looking for and that why I posted my recent question on this topic again. Thanks for link