Using Charts in your App design

Hi All

I am currently using Highcharts in my Ionic 6 projects.

What do others use for simple gauges and simple plots on the app, for examples battery, temperature . humndity.

Is there any preferred plugins to use?

I am looking to work with simply plugin, where the plot can be customised using CSS, instead of javascript.

Hi @aardra ,

Highcharts is SVG based and generates a lot of Elements in the DOM which slows down the app. I archived a much better performance with Chart.js, which is based on Canvas.

If you need really simple charts, I would recommend building them with CSS:

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Thank You for your reply @mariusbolik.

Yes, I have noticed that HighCharts feels a little sluggish. I use Highcharts when I need to display historical sensor data, for example, data from the last week or month, so there are a lot of data samples. Seems like I need to swap this to Chart.js. What about google chart?

So when you say SVG bases, does this mean when I generate a new plot, it compiles a image?

I will look into chart.js. Is this available as a capacitor plugin, or do you simply import.js file?

I have a page where I need to simply display temperature, humdidty etc, these are single values, so the CSS option could be good. Would using Chart.Js for this not be reccomneded interms for performance? I might need a gauge with multiple sensor feeds, maybe the simple CSS option might not work.