Specifying alternative framework versions


How does one specify the version of the ionic framework being installed? At one time it was the version of npm; the version of npm with node 4.x gave ionic1; a greater node version gave you 2. The ionic v1 docs and github page give the impression that the current version of the cli can create a v1 project using the --type= flag. Of course I dont just want a v1 project; I want to be able to “ionic serve”, “ionic run”, “ionic build”, etc. Whether the commands are renamed/use differently is ok, what matters is the functionalit.

This is ubuntu14 running as a guest in a win10 virtualbox vm. I have framework1 apps running in the app stores, so this is pretty critical. Thanks!


Nah, Ionic CLI installed via npm always gave you the most current version - unless you specified otherwise.

All this works in the current Ionic CLI, for the Cordova related commands you just have to throw the cordova in there like ionic cordova run.

Disconnected from all of this you can define the version of the actual Ionic Framework yourself in package.json for all v2+ projects - I assume it is similar for Ionic v1 projects but in a different way.